Zac Reimer didn’t get to celebrate his 2017 championship for the U-Car Division at Carteret County Speedway’s October 28 season finale.  In fact, a victory lap was replaced by an ambulance ride.  He spent the next several days recovering from a concussion suffered when his car slammed into the concrete wall exiting turn four.

“That was honestly one of the hardest hits I’ve had in racing,” said the 33-year old Jacksonville resident.  “I’ve flipped a dirt track car and some other stuff.  But that wreck at the last race totaled the car and shook me up too.”

Reimer said he will use the misfortune as an opportunity to “go ahead and jump up to the Mini Stock division for next year.  I’m always looking for a new challenge and this will be some great competition.”

The South Dakota resident said he was “extremely happy” with a 2017 season in which he won four races en route to repeating as U-Car Division champion.  “Other than the wreck in the last race, we only finished off the podium once all year.  We really had no mechanical issues all year and couldn’t have asked for much more.  I want to thank Waller Tire and Travis Miller for helping me out all season.”

Reimer is completing his 15th year as a maintenance chief for the United States Marines at their 246-square-mile Camp Lejeune training facility.  He learned to “tinker with mechanical stuff” and develop a love for speed when his grandfather built “some little go-carts for me and my cousin to mess around with on the farm in Huron, SD.  We played around on snowmobiles and that sharpened my driving skills, too.  I started racing go-carts competitively and it just grew from there.”

Even with a destroyed race car at the season finale, Reimer said there was “never a doubt” he would quit racing.  “I just love racing at Carteret County Speedway.  The track always pays tribute and respects our military, which is very important to me.  Bobby Watson is a great guy and takes care of the competitors.  The track workers are so nice and of course the facility itself is first class.”

He added:  “It’s like a big family over there.  That’s the whole reason I am building a new car and coming back.  I know it will be tough, but I am really looking forward to mixing it up with those guys in the Mini Stock division.”

Travis Miller Jacksonville won three U-Car events at CCS in 2017.  Other 2017 winners in the U-Car Division were:  Dylan Newsome; Adam Resnick; Andrew Jackson and Steve Sulivan.

Top 10 In Final U-Car Division Standings at Carteret County Speedway

  1.  Zac Reimer                 209
  2. Andrew Jackson         175
  3. Steve Sullivan             152
  4. Buck Browder             137
  5. Travis Miller                 86
  6. Adam Resnick              78
  7. Dylan Newsome          73
  8. Neil Mason                   62
  9. Shawn Wilson              56
  10. Brandon Allen              51