Carteret County

Street Stock Rules

Track Approved Muffler Required!

                              SCHIMCA609 IMCA Spec Muffler
                              SCH112530  305 Sprint Muffler
                              SCH112535   11 inch All-Star Muffler
                              Small Muffler inserts allowed at tracks discretion all other mufflers MUST be approved by track tech or official .
                              Mufflers available at Howell Performance Products , Steve Howell 919-734-9901


If not specified in Rules, all parts must remain O.E.M for year, make and model.

  1. Drivers:

Minimum Age for Street Stock Drivers is Fourteen (14 Years Old), with CCS officials approval. Drivers must have parent’s consent form filled out. Drivers will be able to participate in other CCS classes.

  1. Competing Models:

Rear Wheel Drive, O.E.M 8 Cylinder

  1. Bodies:
  2. a) All O.E.M. sheet metal and panels must remain. (unless noted)
  3. b) All frames must be stock. Uni-body frames may be tied together end to end, halfway max on frame rails. After market steel bodies allowed, may use plastic fenders. Must be stock appearing. Older steel lms bodies add 25 lbs right side
  4. c) Firewall and floorboard must remain intact.
  5. d) Inner fender wells may be removed.
  6. e) All doors must be secured, bolted, chained, or welded.
  7. f) It is recommended that you secure the trunk and hood with hood pins.
  8. g) Front windshield must have 2 one-inch (1”) straps on the inside of the windshield installed, lexan is permitted.
  9. h) Cars must have all upholstery, side glass, rear glass and trim removed.
  10. i) You may fabricate a dashboard starter button or switch is optional.
  11. j) Battery must be firmly secured in Driver’s area or under the hood, not in the trunk. If battery is mounted in driver area, battery must be fully enclosed.
  12. k) Car may have all inner structures removed except factory firewall and floor pan.
  13. l) Trunk floor pan may be removed.
  14. Engines:
  15. a) All engines must be absolutely stock from carburetor to oil pan, NO MODIFICATIONS! You may remove accessories such as; air conditioning, smog parts, power steering, heater cores, etc.
  16. b) Max Cubic Inch: per manufacturer plus .060 over bore, with factory type and weight piston. Crate Engine .030 with same type piston and weight.
  17. c) Cam Rule (Maximum Cam Lift at Retainer .480):
  18. d) Cylinder Heads:
  19. Stock production cylinder heads
  20. No angle plug heads
  21. Max valve size .194 intake .150 exhaust
  22. No reduced stem valves
  23. No porting, grinding, polishing or port matching
  24. World product head 4361 ok
  25. CC size rule will be added for next season, be aware.
  26. e) O.E.M cast iron or aluminum intake manifolds, Edelbrock 2101,2121,2181,2176 or 2920
  27. f) O.E.M Stock ignition required. (NO MSD BOXES)
  28. g) Kick-out oil pan is permitted.
  29. h) Aftermarket fans allowed
  30. i) No ram horn exhaust allowed.
  31. j) No High Performance Parts Allowed. U.N.O.
  32. k) No antifreeze, use Water Wetter type products.
  33. l) Roller Rockers Allowed Pedistal type 1.6 max


  1. Carburetor:
  2. b) 500 2bbl on 602, 603 crate
  3. c) 500 2bbl 603 crate
  4. d) 500 305 built/quadrajet 4 barell

e)all  carbs must pass track tools

  1. Air Cleaners:
  2. a) Aftermarket air cleaner permitted, max 14” diameter x 4” tall.
  3. b) No modification’s to air cleaner, must be metal top and bottom.
  4. c) Paper Element or K & N permitted, no modification to the element.


  1. Transmission:
  2. a) Stock O.E.M from the manufacturer.
  3. b) Manual shift transmissions must remain stock as from the manufacturer. Must have stock O.E.M clutch pack. 33# Clutch assembly
  4. c) Small diameter clutch on 602 crate only. 25 size only
  5. d) all other motors with aftermarket clutch ad 75 lbs 7.25 size only


  1. Tires:
  2. a) American Racer scuff tires from track
  3. b) NO tire treatment of any kind permitted.


  1. Wheels:
  2. a) Steel Wheels only, 10” Wide Max, no wheel weights allowed.
  3. b) 5/8” wheel studs mandatory
  4. c) Front and Rear Drive Shaft Loop Mandatory.


  1. Suspension:
  2. a) Stock type O.E.M. Rear Ends.
  3. b) Stock type O.E.M Shocks, Steel non-adjustable.
  4. c) Spring Rubbers allowed but must be zip tie wrapped in place.
  5. d) Adjustable Cups are allowed.
  6. e) Wheel Spacers are allowed.
  7. g) Spring May Be Changed, stock configuration only.
  8. h) Right side brake rotor can be solid steel, no drilled rotors allowed.
  9. i) May run floater type rear ends.
  10. j) Adjustable panhard bars allowed but must be locked for feature.
  11. k) Factory sway bar with only one side adjustable, aftermarket bushing ok.
  12. 5 inch ride height rule will be in effect.


  1. Weight Metric:
  2. a) Chassis 3100lbs, all others 3150 55% left side max.
  3. b) Weight must be secured with 2 – 3/8” Bolts Painted White with Car Number.
  4. c) Any car that has a distinct advantage may be required to add weight or restrictor plates at the track’s discretion.


  1. Safety:
  2. a) Helmet must be Snell 95 or better, must have tag.
  3. b) A flame retardant driving suit & gloves are MANDATORY, must have SFI Tag.
  4. c) A neck collar or head and neck restraint device/system (R3/HANS/Hutchens) is recommended and is to be used during track rentals, practice, qualifying and main events.
  5. d) 5 Point harness is mandatory. Must have SFI tag, no older than 5 years.
  6. e) Race seat is mandatory
  7. f) 6 point roll cage is mandatory, constructed of 1 ¾” tubular steel. Driver side door bar is mandatory, passenger side bar recommended. BARS PAST THE FRONT FIREWALLS ARE OPTIONAL.
  8. g) (1) 2 1/2lb fire extinguisher with a dial, must be located within reach of driver.
  9. h) Window net is required.
  10. i) 12 Gallon fuel cell in metal can with four 1” straps mounted in the center of the trunk optional.
  11. j) Drive shaft loops mandatory for cars with drive-shaft.


For track questions, contact: Skip Crowder — (252) 725-1719 /

For tech questions, contact: Ken Guyer —