See the 2017 NWAAS rulebook .

Track Approved Muffler Required!

  • SCHIMCA609 IMCA Spec Muffler
  • SCH112530  305 Sprint Muffler
  • SCH112535   11 inch All-Star Muffler
  •  Small Muffler inserts allowed at tracks discretion all other mufflers MUST be approved by track tech or official .

Mufflers available at Howell Performance Products , Steve Howell 919-734-9901


OVERALL CAR WEIGHT (total/right side) per the 2017 NWAAS rulebook


  • GM Built 3075 lbs // 1365 lbs 500 CFM (see rule book)
  • Ford Built 3100 lbs // 1390 lbs 500 CFM (see rule book)
  • Dodge Built 3100 lbs // 1400 /1420 lbs 500 CFM (see rule book)
  • GM 602 & 603 Crate 3025 Lbs //1350 Lbs 650 CFM 1” open spacer
  • GM 604 Crate 3050 lbs // 1375 lbs 650 CFM / 1” open spacer
  • Ford SR Crate 3100 lbs // 1400 lbs 650 CFM / 1” open spacer
  • Ford Jr Crate 3025 lbs// 1350 lbs 650 CFM/ 1” open spacer
  • Little Hickory 3050 lbs// 1350lbs Cam lift Max .475 , Heads 62 CC Min, 500CFM (see rule book)


NO SPEC engines are eligible for competition as of 6/1/2017. We will now give time for more research & testing to be done on this engine package before it is allowed back in competition at CCS.

These weights are set by CCS as we feel this creates equality for all engine packages allowed. For any additional Late Model Stock Car rules, please see the 2017 NASCAR Whelen All American Series rulebook. Weight ,Carb, spacer plate. restrictor plates etc will be added or taken away at techs discretion .

– This Track Rule will be used in place of the language defining travel limiting devices only, in Section 20F – 12.1 Coil Springs / Spring Mounts / Jacking Bolts in the 2016 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Rule Book.

– All other language in Section 20F – 12.1 will remain the same as defined in the 2016 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Rule Book.


– All downward chassis movement while the race vehicle is in competition must be limited only by the normal increasing stiffness of the springs.

– As an option, one (1) Track-approved front suspension travel limiting device (bump stops, coil binding, etc.) per front wheel may be used.

– Vehicles with coil-over suspensions will be allowed an external travel limiting device. The mounting hardware must be made of metal and be mounted in the same location as a shock would be mounted on a conventional (big spring) type suspension and mounted with ½ inch diameter magnetic steel bolt and nut.

– Mechanical travel indicating rods may be used.

– Remote adjusters for the travel limiting device will not be permitted.

– Current spring rules and sway bar rules will be enforced.

– Current shock absorber rules will be enforced with the exceptions of the following two items.

  1. The suspension travel may be limited by the shock absorber when travel limiting devices such as bump stops are used on the shock absorber external shaft.
  2. The 6 inches in 90 second rule will not be enforced due to the fact that some competitors are shortening the shock absorber bodies.

– Height rules such as frame height and fuel cell height etc. must comply to the current rules but will only be inspected before qualifying or before the race. Heights will not be a post-race inspection due to the time required for the race vehicle to return to its normal static

Any non-approved modifications to ANY motor may result in confiscation of entire motor including, but not limited to intake, starter, valve covers, rocker arms, springs, etc…..

*** Amendments to rules.***

  1. Ignition Boxes must be Analog. No Digital.
  2. Front clip hoop roll bars and shock mounts = All tracks will allow the hoop style roll bars and the adjustable shock mounts on the front.
  3. DART SHP vs GM blocks for built engines = All tracks will allow either of the two style engine blocks.
  4. Springs = All tracks will allow 16″ free height springs along with the current 14″ free height springs all other spring rules will stay as written in the current rule book.