Carteret County Speedway (CCS)

Champ Kart Rules for 2017 and 2018

Make note that these rules are in addition to the CCS General rules that apply to all drivers and crews and for all race classes.

The intent of these rules are to help provide fair and safe racing to the fullest extent possible.


  1. All karts must meet all WKA Senior Champ specifications.
  2. No modifications allowed to frame, nerf bars, side protection Bars, Front spindle or rear axle locations.
  3. Minimum total weight for both Kart and driver will be 410 pounds.
  4. Kart Safety
  5. Weight must be attached to the welded frame tabs, driver’s seat or frame clamps designed to mount weight. A minimum of a 5/16 inch bolt (grade 5 or 8) must be used to mount weight. Bolts must have nylon lock nuts or be double nutted.
  6. All steering component hardware must be drilled and safety wired or secured with a cotter key or locking clip.
  7. Steering wheels must be mounted with quick release hub designed for the purpose.
  8. Wolf plates must be used to protect driver from brake rotor failure when mounted on left side of axle.
  9. A racing style 5 point safety harness (seat belt) must be used to secure driver. 2 inch belts are acceptable for drivers weighing 150 pounds or less and 3 inch for drivers over 150 pounds. All hardware securing the drivers safety belts shall be a minimum of grade 8 for 5/16 inch and grade 5 for 3/8 inch and larger. Bolts must be secured with nylon lock nuts or drilled and secured with safety wire or cotter key.
  10. Driver Safety
  11. All drivers must wear a full face helmet with a Snell rating of M2005 or newer.
  12. A one piece or two piece drivers suit is required. (appropriate shoes required)
  13. A racing type helmet support or neck brace is required. Hans type of device is optional.
  14. Gloves are required. Flame retardant preferred.
  15. Arm restraints are recommended. Required for 2018 season.
  16. Tires
  17. 5 or 6 inch diameter wheels with tires manufactured and designed for Kart racing are required.
  18. Make and manufacturer are open. Note: subject to change for the 2018 season.
  19.       Engine 
  20. All Champ Karts are required to run a Briggs and Stratton Animal, LO 206 sealed crate              engine.
  21. Engine chain guards are required.


  1. All engine rules for the year 2017 written for the LO 206 engine and posted by Briggs and Stratton will apply.

The Carteret County Speedway Champ Kart class will allow the following exceptions to the official Briggs and Stratton engine rules:

Rule 9.  Engine air filter.  A filter is required. Make and style is open.

Rule 14. Carb. overflow catch container is not required.

Rule 15. Fuel pump pulse from intake manifold is allowed. Line must be dedicated and unbroken between intake fitting and pump.

Rule 30. Spark plug rule is open to any make spark plug.

Rule 31 and 32. Clutch rule is open to any make centrifugal type, racing clutch.

Rule 34. Any header made for an animal or LO206 is acceptable.

Rule 35. Silencers are optional.