SWANSBORO, NC – Last time Eric Winslow raced at Carteret County Speedway, he was celebrating in victory lane – but was doing so while his car was being towed back to the pits.  Now, Winslow will be returning to compete at Carteret County Speedway on Saturday, September 24th.

Winslow, 27, from Danville, Virginia, won the last race he ran but was involved in an accident after the race when the second place finisher, Zachary Marks, got into Winslow.  The incident destroyed Winslow’s car and sidelined him from racing for a month.

“I’ve been out of the car for a month or something,” Winslow said.  “Drives me crazy.  You want to race.  I finally got it, been trying to win since 2008 in a big car.  I haven’t done it since then.  I do it and then, you’re sidelined and it kind of sucks.”

Winslow will be driving in a car that will be prepared by fellow Carteret County Speedway competitor Chris Burns.

“Chris is doing something a lot of racers wouldn’t do and giving me a car,” Winslow remarked.  “He told me, ‘it’s the same exact thing happens in that car, don’t worry about it, go race, go for the win and drive it like it’s yours’.  Takes a big person to do that and shows the character of people at Carteret that Chris would do that.  I can’t wait to get back.”

Winslow has competed twice at Carteret County Speedway.  He made his debut on July 6th, finishing second to Tyler Matthews and then won exactly one month later in his second start.  However, it’s not just the success that Winslow has had that makes him want to come back to Carteret, it’s the atmosphere.

“I wanted to come back to Carteret.” Winslow explained.  “I’ve made it known I like the track and there are a lot of good people who race there and work the track.  It’s a whole different atmoisphere.  It’s a lot more laid back and feels like you’re at home. I like racing somewhere like that.  The fans are glad you’re there.”

For Winslow, it’s not just the atmosphere.  Winslow has competed regularly at South Boston Speedway for the past few seasons and has been to other tracks, but says Carteret County Speedway does more for its racers than most.

“[Carteret County Speedway] does more press on me than anyone else,” Winslow remarked.  “Track lets me work on my car in the garage, gives me a power cord.  Nobody else does that.  It’s fun coming down there plus it’s at the beach.”

Carteret County Speedway’s fans have taken a liking to Winslow.  After he won on August 6th, he did a Polish Victory Lap for the fans on a motorized scooter to the cheers of the fans who waited out a lengthy rain delay.

“What got me is, you normally think fans are there wanting to see wrecks,” Winslow said.  “But they were as mad as I was that my car got torn up.  They want to see a race.  It’s a shame they didn’t get to see me come back because of that.  Thankfully we are coming back.”

Winslow hopes he can score another win or have a strong run.  While he knows he will be in a fast car, he will not be in his car and that presents a psychological challenge for the Virginia racer.

“I know I can win because I’ve already done it but I haven’t seen this car yet,” Winslow explained..  “I know I’ve raced against it in the past and it’s a good car.  I’m very funny about cars.  I don’t have a new car every year.  I get my car, tweak on it, change things and know every nook and cranny on it.

“It’s a mental game for me.  Not taking anything from the car but I just don’t know it and that’s a mental thing I’m going to have to overcome and that will be my biggest obstacle in learning that car in a very short amount of time.”

Winslow will be racing thanks to the help of Racing Realty, Climax Moonshine and Musky Huntress, but he is seeking additional sponsors so he can get his car repaired and compete on a regular basis at Carteret County Speedway.

Winslow will be racing in the Late Model portion of Coca-Cola Race Day on the Crystal Coast, which will be run on Saturday, September 24th.  The Street Stock, Mini Stock and U-CAR divisions will also be in action on September 24th.  Carteret County Speedway will also host the Muddy Addiction 5K Run benefiting The Miriam, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic in Carteret County, on the morning of September 24th.

For more information about Carteret County Speedway, visit the track’s official website at www.carteretspeedway.com, “like” Carteret County Speedway on Facebook (www.facebook.com/carteretcoswy) or follow @carteretcoswy on Twitter (www.twitter.com/carteretcoswy).